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Finding Another Income Source That Grabs Your Imagination

ANOTHER INCOME SOURCE – have you ever thought about it?

Another Income Source   – To be honest, I never thought about it.   I was trained to be a lawyer. More than once during my career though, I wondered what else I could do if I wasn’t practising law.  It was on those days when the weather was bleak, the people around me seemed bleak that I felt like doing something else.

But those days never lasted, until now.

Network Marketing

Network marketing (also known as multi level marketing) came into my life through a friend, who was a nurse.  The business she introduced me to was in the health industry.

The business model intrigued me and I decided to give it a go.  I dabbled but didn’t like the idea of selling to friends and family and they didn’t like it either.  So I quit.  Now we all know that quitters never win, don’t we.   But I did continue to use the products of that company and still do.

Intrigue Got Me

Then I was introduced to dōTERRA which is an essential oils company.

But this time, I found I could share the oils and didn’t need to sell them.  I even give samples away when I get free oils.  That is a wonderful way to do business.  In the process I have helped my family and friends to protect themselves with the essential oils – naturally – often in the place of modern medicines.

Modern medicines are still important but to me, only when the oils don’t work.

So now I have found that even with my legal training, I can still help others – just in a more positive way.  The best part though is I don’t need a degree to do it.

Give it a Go

You have nothing to lose if you join dōTERRA and give it a go.  If you don’t then you will never know, but you will consistently come upon people in the future who have joined and are doing well.

If your curiosity has been piqued, I recommend that at the very least, contact me.    I will answer all your questions.

Or get yourself a membership with dōTERRA today, buy the products at the best price, use them and decide for yourself whether you want to share them with others.


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