Bored, stressed or fatigued in your job - consider changing direction!

Changing Your Direction? I did it – Discover How You Can Too


There can be lots of reasons why you are thinking about changing direction.  You might be bored, stressed and /or fatigued by your job. As a result this has made you unhappy and you want to change direction.

You may want more quality time with your family, and want a job that allows you to stay at home but still contribute to the family’s income.  Children grow up fast and you may feel you are missing out on spending time with them.  Most of us parents feel guilty when we can’t be at home with our children when they are young. Most of us have children in our family, whether they are our own or grandchildren.  They all do need our time.

Could you be feeling confused and frustrated and searching the internet for ideas?

5 Ways You Can Decide How to Change Direction

  1. Discover Where You Would be Happy.
  2. Do you like Working Inside or Outside?
  3. Do you like Working With and Helping People?
  4. Are you Teachable?
  5. Are you Ready to Change Your Direction?

When is the Right Time to Change Direction?

 My lifetime career was as a lawyer.  When I felt bored or fatigued with the court I practised in, I simply changed to a new court.   FOUR times in fact, over 37 years.

As a result I have lasted the distance, but instinctively knew it was time to do something different.  I wanted to be at home with my family more often.  I found a business that has made it all  possible!

A University degree is not required in my home business.

But it doesn’t matter what your career or job is.  Whether you are the boss, the supervisor, or lower in the pecking order!

Consider a network marketing business because they are home based businesses. NETWORK MARKETING

My home business is a network marketing company called dōTERRA.

Are You Teachable?

The business of dōTERRA is not about reinventing the wheel. A proven system helps you learn as you go!

Teachable people are able to follow direction.  In dōTERRA they also care about their health, need to feel well and like working with people.

Teachable, passionate people will love this business.

If you are ready to change direction now and want to improve both the life and health of your family:    Email me –


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