My name is Katherine Ewen and I am a baby boomer. I have 3 adult sons who all have families of their own.  I went back to work when the youngest was 2 years old.  This was almost unheard of then.  As a young mother, I needed to help support our family with a little extra income.  In the beginning, because I was at the start of my career,  the pay was not great.  So most of what I earned went to pay for daycare.  Sometimes I wondered if it was worth it.   I felt guilty about leaving the boys in a day care and not being at home.

In the early years, I was not able to work from home because I was in a profession where you needed to work from an office or be in Court.


For 37 years I have had a legal career.  However, about 6 years ago, my eldest son introduced me to the network marketing industry and I was intrigued.  It seemed to me that every business is based on a pyramid pattern – with the boss or the owner at the top, with managers further down, until you get to the grass roots.

The difference was that in the network marketing business the person at the bottom could create his own business that paid him more than the person at the top.

So for the past 5 years I have been quietly building a home based business and creating a healthy environment at home and among my family by using the very products that the home based business promotes.  Timing is everything in life and depends on the person and sometimes the type of business.  At Easter this year I made the decision to retire from the law.  One of the considerations was how I could keep busy and happy in retirement, spend time with my grandchildren and still be able to meet new people.


Network Marketing is changing.  The company that my eldest son introduced me to is different and its success is proof of that.

We do not sell products.  Instead, we share them and then people can make up their own mind whether they want them.  They are then invited to become a customer to buy the products, when they want to – at any time, not all the time.  

My business now is about essential oils – the safest and best quality in the World and the company is  dōTERRA.



So Katherine Ewen is not about me!  It is about a Wellness Advocate.

I introduce others to a new way that their families can have natural healing essential oils in their homes, in the first instance, and then, secondly, if they are looking for a new direction, then introduces them to network marketing and how to build a business of their own, from home.

These people are busy young mothers, grandmothers who are baby boomers, small business owners, corporate executives, wellness and other professionals, teachers and young people who are studying at college or university and anyone who is in the so-called Generation Y or even Millenials.  All of these people may be looking for something else in their lives.

Everyone’s goals are different. Some just want to earn a few extra dollars a month, others want to repay a debt or save for their children’s education or sport, or add an extra dimension to their existing business. It is also about people who want to join a team and create their own home based business.

It is about a Wellness Advocate who is building a team of people who follow a simple proven programme and build a team of their own.  That’s me.