Network marketing is a global buisienss


NETWORK MARKETING is a Real Business

Network Marketing is well established. There are some massive companies out there who provide opportunities to create your own business.  dōTERRA is one of them but it is newer than most and there is plenty of opportunity because natural solutions are what people are looking for today to keep their families healthy.

The business model of dōTERRA excited me when I learned about it 6 years ago.   I have been using the products on my family since then and we love them all.

I have watched the company grow and now by network marketing standards dōTERRA is in momentum.  It has proven its worth and Now has never been a better time to Join.

Become a Wellness Advocate and get the benefit of the safest, purest essential oils in the World at wholesale prices and start your own home business.


 It is a New Year and you might be seeking a change in lifestyle or work.

Here you will learn about the home business that dōTERRA offers you.    Only a Wellness Advocate can tell you about the opportunity.

There is no advertising.  The product and the business opportunity is marketed by the Wellness Advocate.

That cuts out added costs of marketing and allows the company to spend more on research and the products, without raising the cost of the products.

In our own lives, when we move to a different town or location and need a doctor, a dentist or a new school for our children,  we ask someone we know.  We are able to have a discussion with them about those things that matter.  It is the same in this business.

You can create income (and residual income) for your family, from your very own home and spend more quality time with your children and partner.

You do not need any experience.   There is generous guidance available and your sponsor will teach you how to start your business.

Many people are turning to network marketing as a business.  The startup costs are low and there is little or no risk.  There is no reinvention of the wheel.


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